Corrosion: Worst Enemy of Vehicle Owners: Vehicles such as cars, Lorries, buses and autorikshaws are mainly steel structures. The body chassis, floor board, inside window panels, and boot, when not properly given a coating of anticorrosive paint, are constantly exposed to the corrosive action of the atmosphere and water. Maximum disintegration of steel parts occurs during the rainy season which is most dreaded by every vehicle owner. Humidity and presence of salt, in the atmosphere are active corroding agents. · .
GENERAL: This is a phenol modified, plasticized blown asphalt based coating ideally suited for corrosion resistance of metal and wood surfaces. The functional group of phenolic resin makes it a suitable adherent to metal and wood surfaces and the plasticizing agent incorporated in it makes it chemically insert and has the lowest water permeability consistent. This makes it resistant to alkali, dilute, acid fumes, liquid water, water vapor and salt water. It also prevents the growth of fungi and mildew. · ·